Dr. Katherine Bankole-Medina, Professor of History

Dr. Katherine Bankole-Medina, Professor of History


Communicating, Sharing, Collaborating, Facilitating

Katherine Bankole-Medina, Ph.D. is a tenured Professor of History at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Bankole-Medina teaches face-to-face and online courses in: African American history to and since 1865, United States History to and since 1865, World History to and since 1500, African American women’s history, Introduction to Latin American History, and Methods of Historical Research.


Online Teaching and Learning

Dr. Bankole-Medina is certified in online teaching and learning from the Sloan-C Consortium.



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Exploration, Engagement, and Scholarly Commitment

Dr. Bankole-Medina is the author of many scholarly publications including Slavery and Medicine: Enslavement and Medical Practices in Antebellum Louisiana (New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1998). She has also published, “In the Age of Malcolm X: Social Conflict and the Critique of African American Identity Construction” appears in James L. Conyers, Jr. and James Smallwood’s, Malcolm X A Historical Reader (Baltimore, MD: Carolina Academic Press, 2008).

Blogs and Videos

Dr. Bankole-Medina is the creator of the Blog and Video serial History Is A State of Mind .




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Involvement, Support, Contribution, Sharing

Dr. Bankole-Medina has served the community in various areas (educational access, historical and cultural competency in Africana Studies, diversity, public health, race relations, labor studies, and social justice). She founded two black women’s community associations in the 1980s and 1990s, and has also served as a consultant in conflict mediation with secondary school students and adults; and developed and supervised three Black heritage academies for K-12 youth. Her recent service activities involve the annual Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference. She was one of six scholars across the nation appointed to the executive planning board for the conference. She also serves on the executive board of DISA (the Diopian Institute for Scholarly Advancement).



...We are compelled to retool and in the process engage the senses associated with multimedia technologies in order to create dynamic history teaching and learning content.

— Katherine Bankole-Medina, presentation, "Historical Questions and Virtual Answers: Emerging Technologies, The Quest for Knowledge, and the Development of Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning," May 23, 2013.